XJR 400 - common parts

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XJR 400 - common parts

Post by Ugo51 » Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:38 pm

Hi all,
I would like to celebrate the opening of this new section with what I think it may be a useful topic for many: a list of the common parts from other Yamahas for the XJR400

Rectifier: is the same as the XJ 600 diversion

Ignition coils: XJ 600 diversion (although the HT leads are longer and you will have to change the spark plugs caps in cylinders #2 and #3)

Rear disc: the same as the YZF600 T-cat (6 mounting points. inner diameter 4.5inches, hole to hole distance 3 inches)

Rear caliper: the same as FZS600 (model year until 2004. two pistons caliper, 95mm hole to hole distance)

Front calipers: same as the XJ600 (83mm mounting points)

Rear master cylinder has mounting point 49mm apart. it's a 12mm piston and I've never found another master cylinder the same, but the YZF600 T-cat master cylinder fit and although it's a 14mm pistnon it works fine.

Clucth lever and mounting brakes is the same as the FZS600

Yokes are the same as the FZS600 (195mm pitch) but i'm not sure about the headstock. it might differ.

Front wheels is 17' x 3.0''. The same as FZS600

The front brakes are 298 mm

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