Kenthammers NC30

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Kenthammers NC30

Post by Kenthammer » Sun May 31, 2020 10:29 am

Thought I would throw up a pic or so.
92 model, appears to have been built during Sep 92, going by date marks on the panels and the rider and pillions seats are dated Aug and Sep 92. Frame number is past 10000 for model year.
Was crated up unused until BATs imported it in 98, then first reg Sep 99.
Have most but not all of the history from 1st purchase.
Searched for a couple of years to find a decent base bike, and found this one in 2014.
Stripped it down as it was clear most of the parts were original, thanks to help from Rick O, did his upgrade on the forks, Electrex RR, Hels, Rejetted and serviced the carbs, was surprised to find no gunge, but had them cleaned anyway, cleaned all the switchgear, set of Samco hoses, upgraded battery, renthal sprockets, full engine service, rads out and cleaned through, test and check all electrics and connections, rebuilt the callipers with new OEM seals, SBS pads, changed most suspension/wheel bearings, as was working in the US a lot, and common OEM parts were around 75% cheaper than Honda UK.
Had Mike Capon build a rear shock to suit me and with option of changing to 17” wheel if tyre supply dries up.
Must have missed some bits but spent far too much time and money on what was meant to be a cheap sunny day bike to ride around on.
Hard to be 100% but mileage is at 13K and ties in with the history, but who knows. 1st owner had BATs fit a MPH clock from new.
Cracking little bike to ride and handles sweetly.
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Re: Kenthammers NC30

Post by Foxy400 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:06 pm

Nice looking bike and from what you've said it's in excellent nick. Good ones are getting fewer so it's nice to see one that's clearly cared for. Had a quick browse on eBay and there are a few for sale, most of which are far from good, despite their owners praise. I think some owners have no idea that their bike is missing bits or has a heap of unoriginal parts. Or maybe they just don't care. Glad to see yours is an exception.

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