weak starter motor... no battery issue.

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weak starter motor... no battery issue.

Post by terrem » Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:59 am

Helo felows! After 1 years of not-any-problem-at-all my italian ZXR 400 L (1994) started to manifest a strange, annoying problem.
The bike when hot will not start well.
I mean... the starter motor crank sooo slow that the engine can not reach minimum rpm to fire up.
The battery is ok, and the recharging line works well. Adding to prove this, if you simply wait 20-30 minutes to cool down the bike then the starting motor will crank easy and the bike fire it up.

The engine has itself no problem to start when hot: you could easily fire it up pushing the bike and jumpstarting it in about... 3 meters.

But it is incredibly annoyng, expecially when some girl is around an you've just stopped to fuel the bike :)

Plase, help some italian kawasaki fellow! Anybody has experience similar to this?

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Re: weak starter motor... no battery issue.

Post by moforockband » Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:59 pm

My mate has the same problem on his L model. My Suzuki also does it. I think the heat build up in the engine makes the starter clutch tight (metal expansion), and really slow to crank. Leave it 10 seconds on mine and it will start again say after a track session or good thrashing. Annoying!

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