Italian ZXR - The bike cant rev up 4000 rpm.

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Italian ZXR - The bike cant rev up 4000 rpm.

Post by terrem » Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:59 pm

Hallo. Do you remember me?

After a lot of months where the bike run lovely, yesterday a strange issue occurred.
I use the bike everyday, so it was a very unexpected and sudden problem.

I started the bike (thinking about it, not so easy as everyday) and it mantain idle between 1000 and 1500 rpm without any noticeable problem. But when i started driving it was very rought, it fires 3 cylinder only, sometimes 4, and if i try to open the throttle too much (above 4000 rpm) or too fast, the bike die easily, like cut off in the ignition when you have the side stand low (but im sure it isn the problem). So, i cant use it because the maximum speed reachable is like... 15 mph. :cry:

Lately, i used it as commuter and the only work i've done was reinstall the battery after i've charged it. :roll:

Have you experienced any problem like this?
Please, forgive me for my bad english.
As every one of my topic. :geek:

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