Zxr 400 revs hovering.

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Zxr 400 revs hovering.

Post by steve92 » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:23 pm

I posting here for a friend. His race bike is not shutting off properly when he lets the throttle. Hes getting 5 or so laps and it starts to do it.
The bike has quite a bit of engine work done, flatslides and cams and stuff.

We checked for air leaks around the inlet rubbers and the throttle cable is not sticking, everything around the carbs look ok.

Hes going to see about getting the carbs balanced. Is there anything else we should be looking for.?

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Re: Zxr 400 revs hovering.

Post by fstarocka » Sat May 07, 2016 7:18 am

shutting off or lowering revs? big difference.. i doubt ud wanna shut the bike off when dethrottling - so ill assume dropping in revs..

Im having a similar issue - revs hanging.. thats a sign of a lean condition (i think possibly intake leak)..

The rubber intake boots on mine soften up when warm - and i noticed the factory shellac has slowly dribbled down over time and was hanging in blobs on the bottom of the flanges - so im wondering if thats the issue..

I cleaned mine last night and put a hefty amount of shellac on the mating surfaces and the tiny gaps between the metal and rubber where a leak could also exist imo -

Ill start her up later and see.. might be worth checking out.. can ur friend tell me if i can get a wire all the way thru a pilot jet? or do they bottom out and use the side holes?

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