Hello & Help!

New members may care to make their first post here to introduce themselves. show us your bike, where you live etc etc. its also polite to get the drinks in too.
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Hello & Help!

Post by MarcNc30 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:38 pm

Hello all,

I'm a recent Nc30 owner, just picked my little VFR a few weeks ago, had a a couple of test rides since & it's great fun, can't wait to get it on the track!

All that said I have some issues...

1 - It's over heating
2 - White smoke from the exhaust every now & again

The bike is in great condition, it's been refurbished to a high standard by the seller, has two new radiators, hoses, all parts re-powder coated, new tyres it's immaculate.

I took it to my local Honda specialist & they tried changing the thermostat, that didn't help, & now they suspect it's a head gasket issue but don't want to carry out the work for me as apparently it could be more complicated, or they may find other issues & think it's not worth the money. So I'm thinking of changing the head gasket myself if they won't do it, but slightly hesitant to do the work.

Does anyone recognise these symptoms? & has anyone changed a head gasket before? Or does anyone know a mechanic in the London area that could help!?


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Re: Hello & Help!

Post by CMSMJ1 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:37 am


Sounds like a pain in the arse!

Did you get a compression test?
Does your coolant look clear?
How about your oil?

Changing head gasket is well doable for the average mechanic if you have time and space. You'd need to find gaskets though.

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Re: Hello & Help!

Post by NGneer » Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:19 am

The white smoke does indeed indicate a possible head gasket failure - but really not too bad to change. Get a Haynes manual for the bike and I am sure you could get the gaskets from Graeme France (https://www.gfracinguk.com/), Rick Oliver (Sticky post at top of "V4 General" section) OR cmsnl 8https://www.cmsnl.com/).

As for the overheating. I have just rebuilt an NC30 and with new rads and fresh coolant I can't even get it warm enough to cut the fan in after a good thrash through the local national park. As you have new rads fitted it rules that element out so I would be looking at other things first.
Take the thermostat out and test it (easy done in a kettle or pan on the stove) before you start looking to change it as there may well be nothing wrong with it.
Possibly check the internal condition of the water pump to make sure that is not seized or full of crap blocking the flow.
Finally are you loosing coolant from the system? If so this would support the head gasket leak theory plus if, having lost the coolent into the bore and out the exhaust, there is not enough coolant left circulating in the system, you may well suffer from overheating.

Not what you want when you have just bought a bike, but don't worry, it doesn't sound too bad and well worth a steady potter over the winter so she is ready for next year.

Welcome to the forum by the way :peace:
:rocks: bighug

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