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400 owner with a 600 problem

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400 owner with a 600 problem

PostSun Jun 18, 2017 11:06 pm

Carb R6, Ok, i knew about it, read about it, but was too late to sell it, should have tried it for sale at start of year but, bike was fun, and great to ride, ANYWAY, started to loose coolant, bike was running fine, roughly half a litre per 100 mile, kept it topped up and running temp was fine 87c.
So took it to work, for a test, spin, notice white smoke on start up, and moisture dripping from exhaust join.
Kept a real close eye, 3 mile return journey, temp fine, bike running fine. Smoke decreased and stopped! Once up to temp,
Home checked rad, half litre topped it up. Engine Oil fine, like new.
Start up same again, white smoke, up to temp smoke decreases.
How big question is, could it be headgasket only, or cracked block.
Never dived into an engine before, so bit scared, but ok with the ole hands.
Pulled plugs, all fine equal, no signs, crank with plugs out some moisture outa 3 cyl.
Was gonna remove headers to sell if i could see, feel cyl 3.

Now pretty pointless buying new used engine, as it could, would have been broken for this exact reason, history with these bikes, even later r6,s.
Anyone know of any for sale, just as a idea of price
Now, ive been put onto ... -refacing/
How scarey is it to strip an engine to bare block! May have a guy waiting in the wings,
Gearbox freaks me out!
Only concession of doing it is it will be right when completed.
Besides, block refaced, head skimmed, and gasket, anything else essential and worthwhile doing!
Option 2, is break it, option 3 is livingroom it, nice race paint job! but would get sick of looking at it,
Im just so lucky to have the wee fzr400 sp waiting in the wings to get me through the summer!
Any help, advice very welcome, after a bit of research, no new bike interests me, not if they cant reach 20k miles without engine shitting itself,
Is it time to build that 3tj 600?


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Re: 400 owner with a 600 problem

PostMon Jun 19, 2017 12:59 pm

So it's an R6 engine ?
They have the barrels as part of the top cases ?

Ok to me it sounds like the head gasket is gone and this will only get worse with time and use. If the engine is just a head onto the barrel / case then it shouldn't be to difficult a job to do, it's probably better with the engine out so you can get better access.
Get a manual a paper copy is easier, read the engine about the head and see how you feel about doing it. If you still feel a bit freaked by it then find somebody


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Re: 400 owner with a 600 problem

PostMon Jun 19, 2017 11:20 pm

YouTube has many hours of video to help you rebuild a motor.

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