Smokin' CBR

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Smokin' CBR

Post by Foxy400 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:04 pm

Had the bike around 3 months. It has always started pretty much first press of the button, quite often without choke. Steady tickover. No probs.

The bike hasn't been used for a week and has been on the Optimate. Rolled it out of the garage today and it needed the choke to fire up (2nd press) but when I slowly knocked the choke off it struggled. I gave it a gentle touch of throttle but it was still not happy. I went back to the choke, which brought the revs up, and left it for a couple of minutes to warm up. This is longer than it usually needs but each time I eased off the choke it stuttered, though didn't quite die. After several more minutes, with the temp gauge reading 12 o'clock, I knocked the choke off and the bike seemed to be running ok.
However during all of this I noticed a fair bit more exhaust exiting the pipe than usual, which increased when I blipped the throttle. I guess it was a light grey colour and not water vapour. My guess is it's burning oil :?:

Unsure what to do, and with the bike warmed up and idling ok, I took it for a ride. It's difficult to ride safe and watch for excessive exhaust at the same time but I think there was a puff each time I accelerated. Not great clouds, but noticeable. Other than that the bike ran really well, no weird noises, responsive, felt fine and the temp gauge dropped back as it should.

Stopped for a sarnie at J&S in Cheshire (heavy police presence, some sort of advanced training I think). It started first time with a steady tickover but again there seemed more exhaust than usual. 125 miles later I got home without a hitch.

So do I have a serious problem or a minor problem :pray: ? What can I do or look for that might indicate what the problem is? I'll check it tomorrow when it's cooled down to see how well it starts but could there be a link between the dodgy start and smoky exhaust? Any help or educated guesses greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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