BMW Shock with 17 Inch Wheel set up recommendations

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BMW Shock with 17 Inch Wheel set up recommendations

Post by DavidM89 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 11:38 am

Hey guys and Girls,

So I was developing a pretty mid-ranged race NC30 last year which has now led me to completing a full 2021 season next year before selling it on. Now as you all know the 17 inch rears from the RVF are like hens teeth (I think Hens teeth are probably less rare) anyway i thought i would get away with running a BT090 on the 18inch rear. Worked great in the dry and worked surprisingly well in the damp conditions but when it came to standing water on track and very wet conditions it worked aswell as an intermediate would or any road tyre would (crap). Front wasn't to bad but rear was coming round on me in every corner. Still managed mid group times in the few races i did do in the wet last year, but it was hard work.

Anyway story time over, i managed to get my hands on a 2nd hand RO modified axle, spacers and 2 x VFR 750 17 inch rears, which will give me a larger choice in tyres and i can actually get some wets to make my life easier during races.

Now i went down the BMW shock route and fitted the recommended heavier spring. It is set up as best i can, it works fine and can live with it and i am pretty competitive on it (in the dry that is)

My question is (finally) with fitting the VFR 750 rears what setup changes to the linkages/shock do i need to make so that the shock works just aswell with the 17 inch rears?

Also any other recommendations for set up changes to accomodate the 17 inch rear?

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Re: BMW Shock with 17 Inch Wheel set up recommendations

Post by richyrd5 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 1:28 pm

You will need a modified dogbone/linkage arm...either weld and re-drill the nc30 one or get a nc35 one...afaik that's all that's required although if the BMW shock is height adjustable then it's not needed..hth

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