Grab a bargain Regulator Rectifier (NC30)

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Grab a bargain Regulator Rectifier (NC30)

Post by st22041967 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:14 am

I have no connection with this seller but they are selling Genuine Honda OEM NC30 Reg/Rec for £64.95 including postage (UK) which is cheep as chips . Got mine this morning and it's legitimate.

EBAY.CO.UK seller "Red-Mist-Bikes"
"Genuine Honda VFR 400 (NC30) Regulator/Rectifier; 1-Year Warranty"
or search for "31600-MV4-010" which is the part number

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Re: Grab a bargain Regulator Rectifier (NC30)

Post by NGneer » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:54 pm

Unfortunately the Honda electrical system was always its Achilles heel and the "Original" Reg Rec, Which was never the best designed thing, would often break down due to overheating - subsequently melting the connectors and taking out the battery etc.

This is why most people over the years have upgraded their Reg Rec to something more robust such as an R6 unit or the improved "Heavy Duty" NC30 ones which are more robust and have much better cooling due to the added fins etc.

64.95 from Ebay for something that most folks who know these bikes will get rid off as a matter of course, or 10 quid more for a heavy duty unit from a reliable source like Graeme France or Rick Oliver ( ... 9meu3sd713)

Not knocking your find, just sharing the hard earned experience :peace:

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