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A place to bang on about subjects close to your heart that affect us all as 400cc riders. general banter is rife, however rudeness and abuse seem to be the norm, If a bit wet round the ears best go play elsewhere. Auto pruning of items 31 days and older
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Re: Empty forum

Post by dobbslc » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:35 pm

I've not posted much lately so I'm just as much to blame really!
Work, kids, new house, poxy work, poxy poxy work and a few other things have got in the way of bikes this year, bike isn't taxed , MOT'ed insured nothing this year!
I've still got the FZR stuck under blankets needing tyres, brakes, full service etc before it sees the track again.
I've never used facebark but have had a look and can't really work out what the hell is going on!
I must admit I got very very frustrated with trying to post pictures here , I thought it was me or my phone but other forums are ok :shock:
As said above some of us have had loads of 400's some maybe not, we definitely don't get too many total numptys on here which is a good thing.
I'll still drop in now and again. :peace:

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Re: Empty forum

Post by Trinirides » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:10 am

I hate to break it but bikes are on a massive decline, younger people cannot be fucked with the licence hoops and insurance is crippling, case in point when I was 18 I had a ZX6 on the road insured etc etc for about 1-10th of what it would cost these days (is it even possible now???).

That along with speeding being as socially unacceptable as drink driving due to years of pressure simply means people that do get a bike may well realise it is a time bomb before they end up in court and become unemployable due to a convictions or they simply cannot be fucked in the first place..

Our 400s are now seen as collectors items and rightly so, people are not buying and selling them like there is no tomorrow, the good examples are turning into garage queens and the shitters are being restored by people that already know what they are doing (in general).

We also live on a crowded little island with a ageing road network that would not pass in some third world countries (yes seriously), that has questionable weather at the best of times where every sunny day turns into a wankers day out..

I still have contacts in the trade, both bike sales and clothing and only scooters are keeping the main dealers afloat as people simply want cheap transport, clothing stores have lost about 2/3rds of their revenue, kinda tells me people are not getting on bikes any more, and the ones that have been in the saddle for years have either given up (countless friends of mine have) or just do track days..

I sold my main 400 example last year and have not even thought of one since, if I lived on a Island in the Med where the weather was decent and there was a good mountain pass to ride I would be all over it, sadly I live in a place that has more pot holes than the moon where it rain days everyday, where people generally are cunts and where having any fun is frowned upon..

That is my overall feeling as to why this forum is suffering from lack of members...

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Re: Empty forum

Post by Morespeedvicar » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:51 am

And I just thought we'd fixed all the nc30 reg/rec problems.....................

Merry Christmas an happy new year everybody.


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Re: Empty forum

Post by Newera » Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:13 am

It's Facebook & Photobucket extortionate charges that are killing forums sadly, but up to each member to keep his preferred forum alive, I guess.
Can use Imgur or others until the same thing happens with those.

Forums are a mine of information that is searchable. Facebook is not anything as user friendly. Just a replacement for TV for people who want to spend hours of their life looking at what people eat, think, etc and get bombarded with adverts. Personally I try to avoid FB... There are always better things to do with the little spare time I have each day.

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Re: Empty forum

Post by Zippy » Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:13 pm

To be honest I haven’t been on in ages but that was everything to do with me forgetting my password and never getting round to resetting it.

As far as facebook is concerned it’s ok for buying the odd part or bike but it’s a total ballache with all the other crap. My new year resolution is to prune it down to just groups i’m actively interested in but delete all the other rubbish.

I’ll also be on here a lot more now as there is too much information on here that Facebook just can’t provide.

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Re: Empty forum

Post by selexon » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:05 am

Ive been an active member since 05/06 When I was living over in the UK on a working visa. I purchase a thrashed 2TK for £600 rode it for the 2yrs done a stint at the ring a week before I flew back hm to Aus and sold it for £600 to a forum member.

I have had a few low periods of absentee over the years. As the normal things come up. Work Girls Large cc bike ownership Girls Kids Work Kids etc....

But one thing is I always come back and its the only forum that ive stayed a member of since the internet start in 2000.

What makes this forum so good is the members and the knowledge the members give and share. We may have low in activity but I belive the real enthusiasts are still around.

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Re: Empty forum

Post by Davez29 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:05 am

But one thing is I always come back and its the only forum that ive stayed a member of since the internet start in 2000
You must be young. I can remember going on the internet back in 92/93, when it was mainly education, government and of course porn sites! There was no browser just newsgroups, although mosaic browser was in beta by then and it did make the few sites available a wondrous thing.

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