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A place to bang on about subjects close to your heart that affect us all as 400cc riders. general banter is rife, however rudeness and abuse seem to be the norm, If a bit wet round the ears best go play elsewhere. Auto pruning of items 31 days and older
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Variablevalves suck

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Re: Empty forum

PostWed Dec 06, 2017 10:53 pm

Like other people say I don't get on here much these days due to being very old and so dam busy but Paul and the regular members should get medals.

Made this one of the friendliest and most informative forums on the planet.

It's been a great place to learn and also help people out, had some amazing days out and met hardcore 400 cc owners that put heart and soul in to their bikes and tother helping other people with theirs.

Hats off to you all.


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Re: Empty forum

PostFri Dec 08, 2017 4:35 pm

I've not posted much lately so I'm just as much to blame really!
Work, kids, new house, poxy work, poxy poxy work and a few other things have got in the way of bikes this year, bike isn't taxed , MOT'ed insured nothing this year!
I've still got the FZR stuck under blankets needing tyres, brakes, full service etc before it sees the track again.
I've never used facebark but have had a look and can't really work out what the hell is going on!
I must admit I got very very frustrated with trying to post pictures here , I thought it was me or my phone but other forums are ok :shock:
As said above some of us have had loads of 400's some maybe not, we definitely don't get too many total numptys on here which is a good thing.
I'll still drop in now and again. :peace:

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